55 Years of biological research in the Southern Caribbean

CARMABI Research Institute

To facilitate ecological research CARMABI, originally short for the Caribbean Marine Biological Institute was founded in 1955 and has remained the largest field station in the Southern Caribbean. The field station still sits at its original, picturesque location at the opening of the Piscaderabay and reefs are found right in front of it. The number of visiting scientists has been increasing in recent years which prompted the construction of a new water-side building with lab facilities and dormitories for up to 30 people. Researchers or students that want to study Caribbean coral reefs, terrestrial systems or geology can now use these facilities for their science projects. The institute is currently visited by approx. 200 scientists a year for research purposes and by various universities for courses related to coral reef ecology.

This website overviews some of the possibilities that now exist for conducting fieldwork or teaching classes in Curacao. To explore the possibilities for your fieldwork or classes use the pull-down tabs on the black bar on top. The colorful buttons on the left can be used to explore other branches of the Carmabi Foundation such as its educational programs for schools and visitors and the nature parks that are managed by Carmabi, such as the Christoffel Park and the Shete Boka Park.

Pre-announcement & Save the dates!

The 37th AMLC Scientific Meeting will be hosted by the Carmabi Research Station on Curacao (former Netherlands Antilles)  from May 18th  to May 22nd, 2015. The main venue for this meeting will be the Hilton Hotel on Curaçao’s leeward shore, right next to Carmabi. This event will bring students, long time scientists and all with an interest in marine science and policy  together for a five day meeting, focusing on presentations (including “as I see it”-type presentations), productive interactions and field trips. The meeting is open to anybody and has seen a rapidly growing attendance over the last few years as the only Caribbean focused meeting of its kind.

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. NEW! Hand book for Caribbean coral reef managers, click here to go to project page.


     New report on the state of Curacao's reefs (2012)



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