Yearly Archives: 2013

Four Wetlands protected on Curacao under the Ramsar Treaty

The government of the Netherlands has designated four new coastal and near-coastal Wetlands of International Importance on the Netherlands Antilles island of Curaçao, a constitutent country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands, in the Leeward Antilles 70km north of Venezuela. The Netherlands presently has 53 Ramsar Sites, the 5th highest national total after the United Kingdom, Mexico, Spain, and Australia. Staff of the Carmabi Foundation (Caribbean Research and Management of Biodiversity) in Willemstad were helpful in the preparation of the [...]

Inter-island travel of the Long-nosed bat confirmed

Last Tuesday, January 15th 2013, during a bat research session in one of the important bat caves on the eastern part of the island of Curacao, local bat researchers of the PPR-ABC (PAP: Programa pa Protehé Ratonnan di Anochi di islanan ABC) recaptured and released two Long-nosed bats ("Lepto’s")  which were previously tagged on Bonaire. This finding signifies a major breakthrough in understanding the population dynamics of this key species for the ABC-islands. After more than 4 years of [...]