Carmabi’s 2023 Coral Spawning Predictions for the Southern Caribbean

Carmabi’s 2023 Coral Spawning Predictions for the Southern Caribbean

We are pleased to share Carmabi’s 2023 Coral Spawning Predictions for the Southern Caribbean.
Based on last year’s surveys (and those from the 30+ years before that), we have come up with predictions for the dates and times when some of the more abundant Caribbean coral species will produce the next generation of corals. These predictions are only applicable to the Southern Caribbean. Be aware that the coral spawning remains difficult to predict and that this schedule of estimated spawning times provides no guarantees.

This year we would be particularly interested in learning more on the spawning behavior of (1) staghorn corals, (2) the “beginning” of fall spawning in Curacao, and (3) the spawning times for male and female colonies for gonochoric species such as pillar corals (Dendrogyra cylindrus), great star coral (Montastraea cavernosa), massive starlet coral (Siderastrea siderea), etc.

(1) Staghorn coral spawning can be difficult to observe in our region – to help better predict its future behavior, we are seeking new observations of this critically-endangered species in August and September this year. (2) With spawning week falling early in each month this year, we are interested to know how early “fall” spawning season really begins. To help improve future predictions, we welcome new July and August observations this year, especially if seawater temperatures are unusually warm. (3) Lastly, many coral species have separate male and female colonies. Males generally release sperm before females release eggs, and the time period between the two might teach us something about the mechanisms used by corals to ensure fertilization success.

Did you see something new? Did our predictions prove true? Please send your observations (species, male/female colony, date, time, site, and photos if possible) to (1), or (2) post them to the Coral Spawning Research Facebook page. If you would like to contribute a dataset to the Coral Restoration Consortium spawning database, please contact

To see and download the 2023 Spawning Predictions for the Southern Caribbean, you can use these links:

Credits: Carmabi’s spawning predictions are produced by Mark Vermeij, Kristen Marhaver, and Valerie Chamberland. This year we would like to thank Scuba Diving Magazine for featuring our predictions from previous years in their Jan/Feb 2023 issue and everyone who has contributed their observations over the past 30 years.

The Curacao team wishes you a safe and productive 2023 spawning season!

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