Monthly Archives: December 2009

Research at Carmabi highlighted in NATURE

Work on sponges on Curacaoan reefs by Jasper de Goeij, a Carmabi associate scientist, has been highlighted in NATURE, one of world's leading scientific journals. Below one finds the text of the article: How the sponge stays slim: One species' rapid cell shedding explains its huge carbon-catching capacity. Published online Nature doi:10.1038/news.2009.1088 By: Matt Kaplan Biologists have discovered how a reef-dwelling species of sponge can filter enormous amounts of carbon without growing in size.The sponge Halisarca caerulea can absorb up to two-thirds of [...]

New report on impacts of climate change on Caribbean nations and natural resources

A new report spearheaded by the CARIBSAVE project under UNDP funding highlights the impacts of climate change on Caribbean nations and natural resources. In particular, the report highlights the difference in the impacts at the 2.0°C increase being pushed by many UN negotiators vs. the 1.5°C increase promoted by the Alliance of Small Island States. The report focuses on: the implications of ice sheet melt for global sea level rise (SLR); the projections and implications of SLR for the [...]