Monthly Archives: October 2009

Lionfish spread along Curacao’s SW shore

This map shows the distribution of lionfish that were either observed or captured along  the south-western shore of Curacao around November 2009 (the map below was later added to show the rapid spread of this fish once it established itself and shows the distriution of observed lionfish. at the beginning of 2010. Note that lionfish have spread outside the visualized area and that the second picture only aims to show the increase in lionfish sightings in this area).  Unconfirmed [...]

First lionfish captured Curacao

First lionfish captured Curacao First lionfish captured on Curacao October 27th 2009. Divers at Ocean Encounters West, a diveschool at the western tip of Curacao, found a lionfish  (see below) at Watamula a nearby divesite. The animal was captured later that day. Another one was supposedly observed  at East Point (which is the complete opposite side of the island) 2 weeks ago but  wasn't photographed or captured. Lionfish are considered a dangerous pest (invasive species) because they are not native to [...]