Yearly Archives: 2017

Information on Oostpunt including carmabi ‘s concerns regarding the proposed zoning plan

Open letter to the Parliament of Curacao regarding the recently proposed rezoning of Oostpunt to members of the same Parliament. The Dutch version can be found by clicking here, the Papiamentu version can be found here. A letter with similar, but slightly more detailed information as also send to the Governor of Curacao. Click here to see the letter to the Governor. Carmabi has produced various informative documents to inform Curacaoans and other interested parties about the unique nature that [...]

Damage report of the Megapier 2 construction site

Here one can find a description of the damage caused by construction activities for the second megapier in April 2017. This report (17Mb, so maybe a slow download) is freely available and aims to provide all parties involved with an accurate description of the current situation. The report is voluntarily and independently compiled by Carmabi. The report found that in a relatively large area due aforementioned activities, many coral colonies and colonies of other marine organisms such as gorgonians and sponges [...]

New handbook for coral reef managers: Towards Reef Resilience and Sustainable Livelihoods: a handbook for Caribbean reef managers

New handbook for coral reef managers: Towards Reef Resilience and Sustainable Livelihoods: a handbook for Caribbean reef managers The FORCE project (click here for details) has produced a handbook that aims to provide reef managers with tools, information and recommendations on management of coral reef ecosystems. The handbook sections range from ecological history and biogeography, resilience as well as climate change issues to fisheries, governance and the monitoring of coral reef ecosystems.Within each section are practical stand-alone ‘briefs’. These briefs [...]

Predictions coral spawning 2018

Based on last year’s surveys, a prediction is now available of expected times and dates that some of the more abundant Caribbean coral species will release the next generation of corals during the annual coral spawning. The dates are only applicable to the Southern Caribbean. Be aware that the coral spawning remains difficult to predict and that this schedule of estimated spawning times provides no guarantees. To see the 2018-spawning prediction for the Southern Caribbean, see (you can also [...]

Possible invasives?

Recently certain alcyonids and tunicates were spotted in relative large numbers on the floats of a large work platform. No one here on Curacao remembers ever seeing these organisms, nor can they be found in local ID guides. Does anyone recognize these species and can confirm they are Caribbean or from elsewhere? Please send responses to All pictures taken by :Roy Belderok