Drs. Laurent Delvoye

Drs. Laurent Delvoye

Email: laurentdelvoye24@gmail.com

1982 MSc Biology and medicine, University of Utrecht, Netherlands.

Relevant publications:

  • Delvoye, L.  1986. Sexual reproduction in Agaricia spec. Abstract. Meeting Int. Society for Reef Studies,Marburg, FRG.
  • Delvoye, L. 1988. Gametogenesis and gametogenetic cycles in Agaricia agaricites (L) and Agaricia humilis Verrill and notes on gametogenesis in Madracis mirabilis (Duch. & Mich.) (Scleractinia).Uitg. Natuurwetensch. Studiekr. Suriname Ned. Ant. 123: 101-134.
  • Delvoye, L. 1992.  Endolithic algae in living stony corals: Algal concentrations under influence of depth-dependent light conditions and coral tissue fluorescence in Agaricia agaricites (L.) and  Meandrina meandrites (L.) (Scleractinia, Anthozoa). Stud. Nat. Hist. Caribb. Region 71: 24 – 41.
  • Delvoye, L. 1994. A Reconnaisance of  Corre Corre Bay, St Eustatius. Publ. St. Eustatius Historical Foundation 3,  43 – 52.
  • Delvoye, L. 1995. Tissue fluorescence in hermatypic corals. Proc. 6th  Intern. Conf. Coelenterate Biol. 1995.
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  • Nugues, M.M., L.Delvoye and R.P.M. Bak  2004. Coral defence against macroalgae: differential  effects of mesenterial filaments on the green alga Halimeda opuntia. Mar. Ecol. Progr. Ser. 278: 103 – 114.

Research interests:
Histology of corals in relation to their ecology.