UPDATED: Caribbean coral species identification tool

UPDATED: Caribbean coral species identification tool

There have also been some updates on the coral ID pages. Carmabi compiled a series of pictures that show combinations of corals that are often mistaken  for one another. Because terminology to describe each species is often  subjective (i.e. has larger polyps or smaller ridges) having both  species in one picture might help to get a better idea of how such  closely related/ similar looking “species” can be distinguished from one  another. Corals are now divided in four main groups (Montastraea, Agaricidae, Brain-looking corals and the Rest). All  identifications are based on commonly used species names here on  Curacao. This overview is a work in progress (and I welcome suggestions on how to shape this picture collection into a more user-friendly format), but I thought it would be useful to throw it out as it is.

The following links take you directly to each  group:

For Montastraeaclick here
For Agaricidaeclick here
For  “Brain”corals:  click here
For  “The Rest”:  click here

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